6 Helpful Tips to Have a Stronger, and More Successful Presence Online!

Here are 6 helpful tips to have a stronger, and more successful presence online!

1. Invest in your Website - you don't have to spend a ton of money to have an effective website. For most businesses, a simple, clear, and concise website is often all that is needed. Keep it current, keep it fresh. Your website is your virtual storefront. Appearances matter and so does your flow or UX.

2. Content Marketing is Everything - we're talking about a blog and a sound content (photos, videos, industry news, community events, etc.) that you can leverage on your website and your social media platforms. Content helps tell stories, share vision and company culture. It's meant more to communicate the brand than it is to directly sell products or services. 

3. Get Social - social media marketing is much more than simply posting every week. You have to engage and be active. Similar to any community, if you want to be seen, you must be active and engaged. We recommend carving out a little time every day to be social online. We don't recommend bumbling around for hours or checking every 10 minutes. Make time, do the work, but stay focused.

4. Understand Keywords and SEO - this is so important. Keywords are the backbone of your online marketing success. In order to create awesome content that provides maximum value for the consumer, you have to know what your consumer is looking for online and how they're looking (searching google) for it. 

5. Automate & Outsource- undoubtedly there are tasks that you perform every day that could be automated or outsourced to some degree. Take a good look at your daily grind and see how you can make your life easier and save time so you can focus on the things you're passionate about. Post scheduling, copywriting, proofreading, transcription, email marketing, it's a never-ending list. Leverage the many amazing websites and tools out there to help you free up time.

6. Mobile Matters - more and more consumers are viewing your website from their mobile device. If your website is slow or simply a bad experience from a mobile device, users will likely jump ship and find your competitor and do business with them instead. Bounce rates impact your SEO too. Stats show that users spend less time on websites from mobile devices so you have even less time to make a good impression.

There you have it. 6 helpful tips to have a stronger, and more successful presence online!