Social Media Content Creation
For $1 Dollar A Day???


Impressive right? At we create epic social media content for your brand and business on the cheap! Check out some of our work..



Save Money.

Quit spending your time and hard earned money creating social media content. We'll deliver 365 pieces of visually stunning content for as little as $1 a day!


Save Time.

They say time is the most important thing we have. We agree. Spend your time closing deals not messing around with creating content for social media.


Stay Relevant.

With a daily posting schedule, your existing and prospective clients will see your content more often and consistently, which will lead to more business.


Let's do this!


Seriously, What's the Catch?


Haha we love this response and we receive it a lot! There is no catch! Got questions? We have answers!


What's included in the $365 social media plan?

For $1 a day you receive:

  1. 365 unique and visually stunning pieces of content (that's one unique content piece for every day of the year!).

  2. Each piece of content is designed to specification for each platform you choose (they all have different image specs).

  3. As a courtesy we'll include 10 pieces of content for each of the Federal Holidays!

  4. All 365 pieces of content delivered electronically in 5 business days to your inbox.

Do you offer Monthly or Quarterly plans?

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering both monthly and quarterly billing plans! These flexible options are great for those who need content created on a more frequent schedule. This is a popular option for those businesses who have a lot of specials, events, new product releases, etc. To learn more about the plans we offer and how the service works, click here.

Can I use my content on my other social media platforms and/or my website?

You're free to use your content on whichever platform you desire - for as long as you desire. That said, every platform has its own unique image sizes. What works and looks good for Facebook won't necessarily work well on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Given the low cost of our service, we recommend you purchase a 365 Plan for each specific platform. Having unique content posted daily on multiple platforms really makes you stand out from your competition. To keep things fresh, we recommend that you purchase a new 365 plan each year for each platform you have a presence on. The cost is low and by renewing each year, your customers won't have to see the same content being recycled over and over again.

How long will it take to process my order?

Assuming we have everything we need from you, your order will be ready in 5 - 10 business days beginning the day following your order receipt. For example, if you place your order with us on a Monday at 2pm PST, your order will be delivered as early as the following Monday by close of business day or at the latest the full 10 business days (depending on the package you choose). Our turnaround time is dependent upon our current workload. Your actual fulfillment date will be specified after you complete your order.

Do you provide expedited service?

Yes. We can expedite your order for an added fee of $100 per day you need the order expedited. For example, if you need your order in 2 days versus the standard 5 days, you would incur a $100 per day expediting fee multiplied by the 3 day rush ($100 X 3 Day Rush = $300 rush fee). Using this example a 2 day turnaround time for 365 unique pieces of content would cost you a total of $665 (still only $1.82 per day!!!). How's that for service???

What platforms do you create content for?

We create content for every social platform in existence. However most people hire us to create content for major platforms including:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

  • Google+

  • Snapchat

  • Websites

  • Blogs

What industries do you serve?

We currently serve clients in virtually every major industry. Recent clients include those in Food and Beverage, Professional Services, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Medical, Veterinary, Personal Development, Product, Apparel, and Jewelry. That said, we're confident we can serve any industry. Even if you think your request is unique, contact us. We love a challenge!

Can I use my own images?

Absolutely! We prefer to use images that are unique to your business. That said, we have standards...and so do your clients. If the images are deemed to be of poor quality by our creative design team, they will not be used. We will advise you if that is the case before we get started. Contact us for image submission guidelines.

What other services do you provide?

We are happy to provide the following services for our clients:

  1. Social Media Management

  2. Photography

  3. Video Production

  4. Web Design

  5. À La Carte Content Pricing - Pay for content as you need it.

Do you only create content in the English language?

We can create content in any language. Translation fees may apply for languages other than English and Spanish. Please contact us with any further questions. We'll do our best to help!

Do you work with advertising and marketing agencies?

We sure do. If you run a creative agency and are interested in learning more please contact us today to get the ball rolling. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Los Angeles, CA. USA

Greg Berry

"As an early customer, I can absolutely say we've had increased conversions as a direct result of the content you've provided us!"


"I used 1DS for my client’s jewelry business and it made Instagram so easy. Their service was great and they really helped us get great images for our account. I’d highly recommend 1DS if you’re looking for an easy way to produce great content."


"1DollarSocial delivered me such amazing content. I was on the fence thinking my instagram game was good, but what the team delivered was far superior. I’m so thankful that I can focus on my business and engagements while not having to worry about my daily content. Such a stress reliever & such a breeze to work with. The delivery was beyond timely & the company is super professional. I would most definitely recommend 1DollarSocial to anyone needing some great content. Thank you!!"


“We used their service to get a years worth of IG posts. There are holiday posts for all major holidays, weekly posts for events we have and review posts among many more. Really fun ideas and high quality. They are incredible and fantastic value!  I Highly recommend!!!!”